Best Live Streaming Services in India

Best Live Streaming Services in India

Live Streaming Services in India Get A Boost with Planetcast

India is growing at a rapid pace, and so is the case with demand for high-quality broadcasting solutions. You would find people searching for efficient and affordable Live Streaming Services in India throughout the country. One of the Obvious and most admired answer is Planetcast Media Services Limited thanks to our world-class and cost-effective Live Streaming Services.

Our Live Streaming Services

Our Live Streaming Services in India are helping our clients and customers deliver their contents around the globe with ease and at affordable rates. You can easily reach your audience in real-time. Whether you’re streaming any of your contents, covering a live event, or broadcasting sports, our best-in-class Live Streaming solutions are here to help you manage your broadcast and engage with your ever responsive audience.

How Does Our Live Streaming Services Work?

Live Streaming Services in India are in high demand and we are always ready to address any query that we receive with your high-quality, end-to-end Live Streaming Solution. Our services are devised to support video streaming on various platforms Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC, etc.

You just have to let us know about the programme that you want to stream and we shall do it for you in no time. Our team of experts will detail out the process to help you undertake Mobile/Tablet or any other Live Streaming.

Features of Our Services

Besides facilitating Live Streaming on various platforms, we have highly-skilled professionals to provide with extremely potent Content Management systems.

Here are some of the important features our Live Streaming Services: 

  • Uninterrupted live TV feed
  • Live ad insertion
  • Graphic, Logo and other media insertion
  • Audio editing option
  • Multi-bitrate feed packaging
  • YouTube and other Social Media streaming
  • Well equipped to let you cover,¬†corporate events, business conferences, entertainment concerts, educational events, sports fixtures, etc.