Life at Planetcast

We are in this together

Our aim is to create an environment in which everyone feels appreciated and contributes to a successful business and a fulfilling career.

Here’s how we do it.

Listen to understand

Hear what our customers want. Build what they really need.

Win as one team

Everyone contributes to our success.

Take the leap

Be bold. Make and take opportunities.

Tell it like it is

When we’re honest and straightforward, we progress faster.

Own up

We all make mistakes – the quicker we confront them, the quicker we move on.

Making a difference across the world

Our CSR team drives important social initiatives in the areas of healthcare, education and sports in order to play our part in communities and fully support our people.


All Inclusive & Diverse

We’re committed to creating and sustaining an actively inclusive workplace. We celebrate and respect diversity, with the aim of providing equal opportunity for everyone.

Learn. Act. Repeat.

The Planetcast Academy was established to deliver relevant, on-demand learning, to help people upskill and develop a rewarding career within an environment that’s committed to improvement and progress.


Fun at PlanetCast

We encourage everyone to take part in fun activities all year round – we appreciate that everyone needs to unwind, connect with colleagues and just have fun inside and outside of work.

Some moments of Life
at PlanetCast

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