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From digital news gathering and content creation to global, real-time distribution, Planetcast is your 360-degree, 24/7 partner. We’ve been innovating and delivering since 1996, revolutionising the media and entertainment industry with a series of customised, highly-reliable media solutions.

With our complete cloud broadcasting solution, you simply spin up a new instance in the cloud, configure it and start streaming.

With the recent transformation in the content delivery model, our pioneering, cloud-based OTT platform and services provide you with a highly cost-effective and effective means to implement multi-format, multi-device streaming.

When you specialisze in creative projects, you need ever- more powerful ways to store your content. Our cloud-based media asset management solutions give you total flexibility to upload, tag and collaboratively edit.

Get your content on to the worldwide leader in powering streaming TV, delivered to more than 300 million connected TVs in 50+ countries. One simple platform, powered by revolutionary distribution and advertising technology.

From our facilities in India and Singapore we provide network redundancy, fail-safe mechanisms, and no-frills services to suit broadcasters of all sizes and types.

Our post-production capabilities offer a unique mix of the best creative talent, and 360-degree, cutting-edge technology – turning your live events into full-on media experiences.

If you’re looking for a trusted, credible name look no further than Planetcast. We deliver a world-class hybrid set-up for gathering of media for special event broadcasts, on a regular or occasional-use basis.

The Planetcast team specialises in transforming sites from bare shell to state-of-the-art centres for all types of broadcast operation.

Our outdoor media acquisition technology services on the cloud provide a unique solution for television production houses and creative agencies.

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As a market leader in media broadcasting, we’re highly experienced delivering comprehensive, customised solutions across content acquisition, management and distribution. Equipped with our state-of-the-art technologies and backed by our proven track record, you can rise to any challenge. Streamline your operations. Deliver to any market.

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