Our commitment

We are committed to positive corporate social responsibility and ensuring that we do business and grow in a way that’s sustainable. We believe that companies can do more, should.


Community initiatives

We ensure that we have a positive impact on the communities we serve and operate in. We also encourage and support initiatives that address some of the most pressing issues around the world.

Where people meet purpose

The development of Sports and Olympic Gold Quest are two important community initiatives that we’ve developed as part of our responsibility to contribute to the communities in which our offices and centres are based.

Social Innovation for better future

We truly believe that education is the backbone of every society and that’s why providing quality education to the new and future generation is one of our priorities.

People first​

We encourage our people and aim to create an environment in which every individual feels valued and rewarded, with equal opportunity to progress, contribute and benefit.

Learning Initiatives

We aim to create a learning environment in which every individual in the community gets an opportunity to learn. We conduct evening learning classes that people can attend to assist in their career progress.

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