Our Journey

Planetcast was founded in 1996 – and so we’ve been at the centre of the most rapid and significant advances in global communications history. We now deliver an exceptional range of agile services to many of the biggest names in the global broadcasting industry. And we’re driven by a passion to help you deliver your own innovative and effective media services.

Our Strengths

Across this incredible journey, we’ve developed core capabilities that ensure our business will continue to drive forward. These include our robust technology, a commitment to delivering customised solutions, a team of leading technology and operations experts, and strong commercial instincts that work not just for Planetcast, but for every client and partner.

Our Partners

In the modern world of global content creation and management, it’s essential to work with partners who share our vision to remain at the cutting-edge of technology – these commercial, and mutually-beneficial relationships are a vital part our value proposition.

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