Expert solutions to solve complex media problems quickly and profitably.

It can be hard to stay relevant and at the cutting-edge in such a fast-moving industry as telecoms and IT, but Planetcast can help. Our high-performance solutions are based on your needs as a customer.

With our complete cloud broadcasting solution, you simply spin up a new instance in the cloud, configure it and start streaming.

From our facilities in India and Singapore we provide network redundancy, fail-safe mechanisms, and no-frills services to suit broadcasters of all sizes and types.

A unique & cutting-edge technology to turn live events into full-on media experiences

The Planetcast team specialises in transforming sites from bare shell to state-of-the-art centres for all types of broadcast operation.

For defence operations, security, infrastructure monitoring and management, water resource management, smart cities and more.

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As a market leader in media broadcasting, we’re highly experienced delivering comprehensive, customised solutions across content acquisition, management and distribution. Equipped with our state-of-the-art technologies and backed by our proven track record, you can rise to any challenge. Streamline your operations. Deliver to any market.

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