Streaming Services


Planetcast provides live streaming professional-grade service for streaming media to audiences of any size on any device—from an encoder, reaching global audiences with high-quality, custom-branded videos— with no additional infrastructure.

Our solutions are designed to support video streaming platform needs for multi-format (Android, Windows, iOS etc.) and multi-device (Tablets, PC or smartphones etc.) uni/multicast streams with multiple capabilities of formats and video players. We are one of the leading live streaming services providers in India

At Planetcast, we provide the best in class media streaming solutions to streamline your content. We have highly skilled professionals to help you with managing your content and distribution workflow. Moreover, We have the expertise to broadcast your content live to the desired audience globally.

Live streaming services are available on multiple platforms where you can stream/webcast your events live all around the globe. Also, we make sure to stream in high quality for a splendid experience.


We offer ‘streaming Services’ with add-on packages, some of which include

  • Receive live TV feed
  • Ad insertion
  • Graphic overlaying
  • Addition of special animations like countdown event timer
  • Logo insertion
  • Removal & swapping of audio tracks
  • 5.1 processing (down-mix)
  • SD / HD (up/down/cross conversion)
  • Audio levelling & video legalizing
  • Multi-format & multi-bitrate feed packaging
  • Time delay
  • Delivery to CDN

….. and many more customized offerings