Media Broadcasters

Planetcast is a trusted brand for providing superior quality Media Broadcasting Services in India. Ever since the concept of TV channel Uplinking through satellite was introduced in India, Planetcast has been delivering the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive media platform.

Right from TV channel Uplinking to cloud service, we cater to all possible customized solutions to Media Broadcasters. We have the expertise of entire broadcast Value chain from content Creation till last mile delivery. Our focus is to extend the best service as a media broadcasting service provider in India.

Planetcast’s Media broadcasting Solutions cover all areas of broadcast production. In addition to this, we deliver cutting edge broadcast solutions for all aspects of broadcasting needs in today’s media landscape. Our Media broadcasting solutions provide state of the art features and customizations to increase productivity and maximise ROI.

Furthermore, Our Media Broadcasting Services are highly flexible and reliable. We offer our services at a very competitive price for production professionals who expect a high quality of performance.

Last but not least, our aim is to continue developing innovative solutions in all verticals of the media industry in order to meet the challenges faced by businesses in this ever-changing technology environment.