Subtitling, Dubbing & Voice Overs


Planetcast has a rich experience in providing state of the art solutions for Sub-Titling, Dubbing & Voice Overs services across multiple platforms. At Planetcast, we provide solutions for all your language needs, translation services, lip-sync dubbing, voice over and subtitling.

Planetcast is facility ready for all kind of value-added features for our Sub-Titling, Dubbing & Voice Overs services. Our State of the art infrastructure with all the latest equipment makes our services very affordable and economical for our customers.

At Planetcast, we have the expertise for localization of audio and video files in multiple languages.  As a leading player in localization services, we manage everything from transcription, translation, SRT creation, time-coded file to meet your foreign language subtitling needs.

At Planetcast, we also have the facility for voiceover services.  In addition to this, we have expertise in providing best in class dubbing services which are used to replace spoken dialogues in the video with translated voice-overs. Our dubbing services are highly precise. Planetcast provides solutions for dubbing services in more than 128 languages.