Deep Archiving & Library Services


Planetcast provides state of the art solutions for Cloud Deep Archiving and Library services. We offer cloud storage solutions which are not just limited to broadcasting companies but it is equally profitable to other verticals like cultural institutions, libraries and universities to record labels, archive websites and private collectors.

We support Multi-format digitization, content tagging, long term preservation, instant retrieval, usage and re-purposing.  Furthermore, we offer a range of services to digitize, restore, preserve and provide access to classic and current sound and video recordings in any format. 

Comprehensive services offered by Planetcast’s innovative and secure Archiving Solution seamlessly integrates with various 3rd party archival (LTO/Disks) systems. Apart from easy writing to tape/disk and retrieval options, it can also track contents and its location. 

Our Cloud Deep Archiving and Library services will help in minimizing cost and reduce the complexity of your business. In addition to this, Planetcast offers a complete ecosystem for comprehensive cloud storage solutions and long term backup to enterprise customers. 

PLANETCAST’s Archival solution fits well with

  • ANY SOUND MEDIUM: be it analogue media such as shellac discs, vinyl records, direct cut discs, acetate discs, wire recorders, old office dictation machines, all type of magnetic tapes, VHS and cassettes, or digital media such as DAT, U-matic audio, digital VHS, CD-R.
  • ANY VIDEO FORMAT: be it analogue media such as VHS, BetaSP, UMatic, 1 inch, 2 inches, D3, D9 or digital media such as DVC Pro, DV Cam, P2, XDCAM, Mini DV, HDCAM, DigiBeta.