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Application for
Engineer / Sr. Engineer / Asst Manager - RF

Job ID - [ PM0035 ]
Job Location - [ Noida ]


  1. Shift Operational activities for 24×7.
  2. Customer service orientation as per requirement
  3. Preparation of reports as per asked by Authorities
  4. Troubleshooting & reporting to concern authorities of problem faced in shift hours within defined time-line.
  5. Preparation, Testing and installation of equipment for scheduled live event.
  6. Testing new fiber link in co-ordination with customer.
  7. Working & Understanding of Monitoring Tools like (Spectrum Analyzer, Stream Analyzer, Dolby monitor, Power meter etc.
  8. Basic Knowledge on compression system(Like Mpeg4, Mpeg2, Aspect ratio, Chroma Sub sampling, NTSC , PAL etc.)
  9. Knowledge of PSI/SI Tables, PCR, PMT, PTS, DTS etc.
  10. Basic knowledge of CAS System (like ECM, EMM, Encryption, scrambling etc.)
  11. Basic Knowledge of Multicast, Uni-cast, broadcast, RTP, UDP, RTSP, LAN, WAN etc.
  12. TS error analyzing of TR 101 290 (Like Priority1, 2, & 3) & Troubleshooting.
  13. Hands-on on Compression device like Mux, Encoder, Video Router etc.
  14. Basic Knowledge of Audio Dolby, Dolby Plus, PCM etc.
  15. Hands-on on NMX/NCC system harmonic/Ericsson.
  16. Basic knowledge of Antenna related to Antenna Gain, different types of Antennas, G/T, EIRP, beam-width, VSWR, HPA/Up-converter Gain, HPA input/output Back-off, etc.
  17. Hands-on on RF Up-link & Down-link System (like Modulator, Up-converter, HPA, SSPA Decoders, Down-converter, LNA, QAM,Dehydrator,Linearzier etc.)
  18. Knowledge of Different types of freq band used C-Band, Ex-C band, Ku-band, L-band.
  19.  Basic Knowledge of LNB, Noise Temp, PLL etc.
  20. Basic Knowledge of C/N Margin, S/N, MER, BER, FEC, Roll of Factor, DVB-S & S2, QPSK/8PSK etc.
  21. Hands-on on Installation & Testing of Mesh Antenna for down-linking.


  1. B. Tech.


  1. Candidate must have 2-5 years of Experience.

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