Get Your Content Where it Needs to Go through Planetcast's Live Video Streaming Solutions

Get Your Content Where it Needs to Go through Planetcast’s Live Video Streaming Solutions

Planetcast: A Leader in the Broadcasting & Live Video Streaming Services

Planetcast Media Services Limited has been a trusted name in the media broadcasting industry for close almost decades now. Besides traditional broadcasting solutions, we have been leading the broadcasting domain in every aspect thanks to our technological advancements and innovations. Modern business needs modern solutions! Our state of the art Live Video Streaming services give you the power to connect your team from anywhere and at any time.

In today’s time, work moves in real-time with limited boundaries. Live Video Streaming is one thing that keeps the broadcasters ahead. With Planetcast’s Live Video Streaming solutions, you get your content and aligned on one secure, sound and reliable video platform.

From Outdoor Broadcasting to the modern-day Live Video Streaming services, we have got you covered with our efficient end-to-end solutions. You can easily stream Live Video & Embed on your website as you opt for our Live Streaming Services. Whether you are a giant broadcaster or an individual creator, you need a live streaming platform that’s smooth, secure and fully equipped to help grow with time. At Planetcast, we take care of all of this so that you can focus on creating quality content and growing business.

How Does Live Video Streaming Work?

Live Video Streaming is a complicated phenomenon— but it shouldn’t be. We at Planetcast make it easy for you to live stream your content to and from anywhere. In this piece, we shall walk you through the entire streaming process, while clarifying all the questions you might have along the way.

Live Video Streaming is gaining popularity like no other thing in its vertical. Not only does it account for a good number of of all internet traffic, it also provides a seamless entertainment options to a sizeable population. Despite rapid development in the streaming technologies over the past few years, the basic keys still apply.

Live Video Streaming Workflow


It all begins with the CAMERA in Live Video Streaming like many other things in media and entertainment. We can help you get your videos recorded with Multi-Camera Video Production and IP Cameras. Also, you can get things done with your content.


Video encoding is one of the most critical steps when it comes to Live Video Streaming. Video Encoding lets you quickly deliver and playback the content as you convert the raw video into a digital format making it compatible with many platforms.

Production & Packaging

We at Planetcast help you produce, compress and make it ready for the delivery as part of our end-to-end quick and easy solutions.

Transcoding & Delivery

After we are done with packaging, transcoding and delivery happen. Transcoding lets you stream your content into a variety of bitrates, resolutions, and file containers. Post transcoding, you are ready to deliver your content to the audience.


Playback is the final step of Live Video Streaming. With our quality services, you get high-quality playback.


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  • Record & Customise Live Video Streaming
  • OTT & Broadcast
  • Stream to Any Device & Platform
  • Deliver Your Content Anywhere
  • Live Support During Events