How a Robust OTT Service Can Take Traditional Broadcasting to the Next Level

How a Robust OTT Service Can Take Traditional Broadcasting to the Next Level

Over the top (OTT) media service or simply OTT service is perhaps the most important thing that television (TV) broadcasters should look up to in the 21st century. With almost everyone from around the globe converging to the internet, the traditional way of watching content on TV is losing the pace like never before.

It is significant to point out that “losing the pace” does not suggest that content consumption has come down, but on the contrary, the world population consumes more content today than in the past. It is just hat the platform has changed.

We are heading towards a world which is keener on getting access to seamless and limitless content delivery systems. It seems eminent more than ever that OTT service is the need of the hour and the broadcasters who ignore the delivery and distribution of their content through the internet, will be left behind.

 We at Planetcast Media Services, take care of all the requirements of broadcasters to ensure successful OTT content preparation and distribution. From Cloud-Based Content Management Services and Content Production And Acquisition Services to Content Management And Post Production and Digital Satellite News Gathering Services (DSNG), Planetcast helps broadcasters stay ahead amid serious competition.

 It is important to note here that getting content ready for distribution over the internet involves careful planning, creation, and management. With a hots of verticals to its OTT service, Planetcast, the leader in the industry, does the job for broadcasters in the Indian Subcontinent. 

 With the introduction of a range of digital devices, broadcasters must consider their audiences consuming content on several kinds of devices with varying levels of capacity and varying levels of internet connectivity. In these circumstances, creating and managing content for distribution need robust internet broadcasting services rather than traditional networks.

One of the most important aspects of OTT service is the availability of more bandwidth as compared to the traditional systems. Cloud-based playout services chip in with a holistic approach to offering workable and best-suited integrated solutions to take the content viewing to the next level.

What we offer

Planetcast Media Services offers a one-stop solution to all your internet broadcasting needs. Our OTT service and other features let broadcasters deliver their video, audio, and other media content over the internet.

  • Cloud-Based Content Management Services
  • Content Production And Acquisition Services
  • Digital Media Technology Service
  • Content Production And Acquisition Services
  • Special Purpose Internet, SATCOM And Broadcast Networks
  • Digital Media Distribution Services
  • Digital Satellite News Gathering Services (DSNG).