Special Purpose Internet, SATCOM and Broadcast Networks

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Special purpose Internet, SATCOM and Broadcast networks -PLANETCAST provides special purpose networks for variety of applications using its ISP & VSAT services. The major area of our engagement are defence operations, security, infrastructure monitoring and management, water resource management, smart cities applications etc.

We are also capable of provisioning special purpose complex networks for media, IT and telecom services for remote areas and mobile SATCOM network.

  • VSAT Services

    PLANETCAST provides customized solutions and services in the field of data, voice and video communication based on satellite based networks. The solutions are custom designed for the specific business requirements across various industry verticals including oil & gas, automobiles, banking & finance, entertainment, lottery, education, railways, defense, SCADA etc.

    PLANETCAST has multiple hubs on multiple technologies (MFTDMA, TDMA, DAMA, and SCPC) on both Ku and XC band. PLANETCAST ’s PAN India presence, its tie‐up with a number of franchisees and 24 x 7 dedicated help‐desk is key to quick installations and effective after sales service and support.

    PLANETCAST is one of the premier V‐SAT service providers in the country having a large number of installations. We have sourced and successfully absorbed almost all VSAT technologies from several leading OEMS across the world. This enables us to provide any solution in Extended C and Ku band which is best suited to customer requirements at optimal costs.

    All our VSAT solutions support broadband connectivity (data, voice and video) for bandwidth hungry applications. PLANETCAST is also a Class A ISP service provider, enabling us to provide broadband internet connectivity through VSATs in any part of India.

    Services Spectrum (Features)

    • Connectivity (DAMA/TDMA): Voice/Data/Video
    • Intelligent content delivery: Data Multicasting, Distant Learning Services, Digital Cinema, Interactive Content Delivery
    • Internet: Broadband, Web Hosting, Data Centre Services
    • Portable VSAT solutions for disaster management
    • Terrestrial mobile vehicle solutions using latest VSAT technology
    • On shore/off shore connectivity for Vessel, Rigs, platforms
    • TVRO solutions for vessels
  • Data Multicast Services

    Data multicast and narrow cast services are currently suitable for disaster prone, inaccessible or poorly connected remote areas.

  • Distance Education & Telemedicine Services

    PLANETCAST has (and also can provide customized) very advanced platform for Distance Education via satellite. This very platform combines the critical aspects of verbal and visual communication – bi-directional video and audio synchronization with rich content, discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction.

    This communication platform reaches to a large numbers of people in real-time. With this platform, live & interactive sessions become highly intuitive and effective, as video and rich interactive content are delivered directly at the student’s system.

    The Platform is user friendly, highly secured & encrypted using

    • IP endpoints (SIP)
    • Public Services Telephone works (PSTN)
    • Satellite-based corporate work infrastructures
  • Mobile Internet Services

    PLANETCAST has the requisite facilities to provide internet in remote areas and also a new form satellite based internet services for mobile platforms including surface transport, maritime and aviation industry..

  • SCADA Network & Services

    PLANETCAST Technologies Limited is a leading Service Provider developing critical / special purpose in the various application areas.

    The company has tie-ups with all the major manufacturers in the industry and is committed to supply best products available for the required application. Working as a System Integrator in the field of Hydro-Meteorology and SCADA, the company is providing services on turn-key basis in multiple areas.

    PLANETCAST has highly skilled professionals with diverse and rich experience in areas of Hydrology, Meteorology and Communication.

    Service Spectrum


    • Ground Water Monitoring
    • Surface Water Monitoring
    • Water Discharge Monitoring
    • Water Quality Monitoring


    • Automatic Weather Station
    • Snow Depth & Water Equivalent
    • Aviation Meteorology
    • Road Meteorology
    • Agricultural Meteorology
    • Weather Radar & Sodar
    • Wind Profiler


    • VSAT
    • Insat Transmitter
    • GSM/GPRS
    • Radio/WIMAX
    • Wireline Communication


    • Canal Operation & Dam Gate Automation
    • Electrical Transmission System Automation
    • Oil and Gas System Automation
  • Defence Networks

    PLANETCAST has the capability to provide secure, satellite based network for defense forces, security forces and other similar agencies.

    The capability and the expertise in providing fixed, transportable and on the move (mobile) Satcom solution make it a complete technology service provider for special purpose and critical communication networks.