Content Management and Post Production

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Content Management and Post Production -The complex workflow for any media company / corporates are efficiently managed with highly experienced team of software professionals. We offer provisions for one of the most modern post production facilities, as well as traditional technology systems at various geographical centres including Noida, Mumbai, Kochi and Singapore. The latest addition is going to be an integrated cloud based post production systems. The flexible system operations provides use of infrastructure with licenced software’s as Apple, Adobe etc. or customers own licence from anywhere across the globe (especially designed for poor internet service zones as well).

  • Play-out and Content Management

    PLANETCAST has pioneered in providing highly customized playout services on SD, HD & 3D platforms for single channel and multichannel broadcasters from its state of the art technical facilities in NOIDA, MUMBAI, KOCHI & SINGAPORE.

    Right from content and playlist acquisitions, quality checks, on-air frame accurate playouts with complex and dynamic graphical overlays, multipoint monitoring to as-run log delivery to customers, the services are supported with high degree of automation.

    With our media asset management services, customers have unprecedented knowledge of the availability, location, and format of content with storage details even on their smart devices.

    The technical infrastructure is monitored by an intelligent facility management system that proactively measures the health of the complete facility. All operations are monitored by highly trained operators and supervisors on a 24 x 7 basis.

    Customers use these solutions not only for traditionally uplinked channels but also for specialized international channels, delivered on terrestrial networks, as well as for multi-device consumption.

    Some of the prime features of these services include

    • Complete File Based Playouts in SD, HD or 3D including content & playlist acquisition, QC, Storage, Frame accurate playout with versatile automation systems, complex multi-layer graphics overlays, DV effects, with compliance recording.
    • Extremely quick roll-out of new services and workflow changes.
    • Playout Operators & Supervisors with Broadcast Engineers.
    • 24 x 7 Operations in 3 Shifts with Dedicated Help-Desk.
    • Complete MIS including As-Run-Log, RCA, S&P Reports, Monthly, Annual Technical & Operational Reports.Hi-Tech infrastructure with redundant controlled power, precision timing etc.
  • Deep Archiving & Library Services

    Comprehensive services offered by PLANETCAST’s innovative and secure Archiving Solution, seamlessly integrates with various 3rd party archival (LTO/Disks) systems. Apart from easy writing to tape/disk and retrieval options, it can also track contents and its location.

    Multi-format digitization, content tagging, long term preservation, instant retrieval, usage and re-purposing is supported. A range of services to digitize, restore, preserve and provide access to classic and current sound and video recordings in any format are offered. Our service is suitable for a wide range of archive owners. Our solution is not just confined to broadcasting companies but it is equally suited to other verticals like cultural institutions, libraries and universities to record labels, archive websites and private collectors

    PLANETCAST’s Archival solution fits well with

    • ANY SOUND MEDIUM: be it analogue media such as shellac discs, vinyl records, direct cut discs, acetate discs, wire recorders, old office dictation machines, all type of magnetic tapes, VHS and cassettes, or digital media such as DAT, U-matic audio, digital VHS, CD-R.
    • ANY VIDEO FORMAT : be it analogue media such as VHS, BetaSP, UMatic, 1 inch, 2 inch, D3, D9 or digital media such as DVC Pro, DV Cam, P2, XDCAM, Mini DV, HDCAM, DigiBeta.
  • Media Asset Management

    MAM is the derived category from Digital Asset Management addressing to Audio, Video, and other media content. PLANETCAST ’s unique solution developed and designed by highly experienced R&D and Software team at Noida has made this product feature rich and yet economical and a highly stable one with several years of operational experience.

    The PLANETCAST solution is used to manage audio, video and other media content. Generally assets are managed and stored in digital format. An asset is described by its Meta data. It creates centralized repository for media files that allows the content to be archived, searched, and retrieved.

    The media content stored in database is called asset repositories. Via unique conversion solution of media format, tracking location of media asset, transfer media clips from one server to another, archiving of media is possible easily.

    Some of the key features are

    • High Availability of system
    • Web based cross platform architecture with backup server support
    • Powerful Media Asset Handling
    • Ingest
    • LTO support
    • Media preview
    • Easy Transfer of Media Clips from Video Server to secondary storage and Vice versa
    • EDL Support
    • Workflow based system
    • User defined rules and layouts
    • Real time asset and data movement tracking
    • Comply and Report Globally
    • Customized searching
    • Easy Integration with Playout Automation System
    • Sub clip creation and its tagging
    • Low res proxy editing
    • Thumbnail creation and its tagging
    • Conversion of video Clips from other formats to .lxt File Format
    • Transcoding of video clips
    • Work assignment and real time work status tracking
    • Real Time Update of Main Database
    • Asset Search via Asset Id/Tag Id or any predefined area
    • Fully customizable Asset Search via Asset Id/Tag Id or any predefined area
  • Content Enhancement & Enrichment

    PLANETCAST has defined infrastructure for providing services pertaining to content management & enhancement services.

    These include

    • Content Library,
    • Content Digitization
    • Editing
    • Mastering,
    • Restoration
    • Colour correction
    • Graphics
    • Other specialized post-production services.
  • Post Production Services

    PLANETCAST has recently launched commercial services for post-production in Noida & Singapore facility. The services are complemented with state of the art Media Asset Management solution which streamlines all the processes including

    Services include

    • File transfers inside the facility as well as with organizations outside the facility, with web-based view and SMS & e-mail intimations
    • Automated workflow with 3rd party solutions including transcoding, file based QC etc.
    • Customized dashboards for various users and much more.
    • We also offer setting up of high-end post production facilities in the customer’s premises

    The post production facilities are monitored by the state of the art facility management system, which keeps tracks of vital parameters of the facility right from the incoming raw power, to generators, UPS, facility environment, Rack & CPU health with built in alarm systems (incl. SMS &e-mails) and logging of all monitored parameters.

  • Sub-Titling, Dubbing & Voice Overs

    PLANETCAST is facility ready for any kind of value added services such as Sub-Titling, Dubbing & Voice overs. Our State of the art infrastructure with all latest equipment in place makes these services very affordable and economic for our customers.

  • Content (Ad) Replacement

    PLANETCAST provides Ad replacement service to even live transport steam to broadcasters.

    Some of the prime features of these services include

    • Live – Zero delay to broadcast.
    • Broadcast quality ads insertion & playout.
    • Highest signal quality.
    • Seamless integration with existing TVs and TV feeds.
    • Ads replacement onto big screens during key events and 24/7
    • PAL or NTSC compatible
    • Scalability to accommodate network size and connectivity
    • Solutions that can cater to any size of content & broadcaster.