Cloud Based Content Management Services

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Cloud based content management services -The unique cloud platform technology provides the best offering in this part of world with its own cloud infrastructure including media content storages, robust architecture of cloud covering the digital media eco-system from acquisition, production management, curating/ post production, content management, formatting / transcoding, distribution across variety of devices for monetisation of all kinds of contents (viz. premium, professional, user generated etc.), thus creating the first e-market place for digital media. The platform is ideally suited for Advertisers, geo-specific deliveries, personalized ad deliveries, the content owners & TV channels etc.

The digital platform features with comprehensive software packages including analytics, Financial & Tax packages for global transactions, Digital right Management, SLA management etc.

  • Cloud Storage & Library Services

    Managed NAS on the cloud service with content security, controlled user access and remote management capability. The Cloud Library is provisioned with sufficient access bandwidth and controlled by a high-end MAM to ensure easy and fast search and retrieve function with optional transcoding and other preparation functions.

  • Media Asset Management (MAM) on Cloud

    Complete MAM on Cloud with user licenses which can be configured based on several parameters, and if required provided on pay-per-use basis.

  • Cloud Broadcasting

    PLANETCAST offers broadcasters a new way of bringing TV signals from play-out locations to head-ends in either DVB-ASI or MPEG-TS over IP. Our deployed proprietary technology transmitters and receivers use the existing Internet infrastructure and an optimized communication protocol to distribute the TV channels worldwide. Contents are distributed on demand and in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by the receiver that has requested the stream.

  • OTT Cloud Based Services

    PLANETCAST unfolds new paradigm in OTT services. Its cloud streaming is the professional-grade service for streaming media to audiences of any size on any device—from encoder. Reaching global audiences with high-quality, custom-branded videos— with no additional infrastructure.

    The combination of our distribution services along with the features provides an excellent OTT platform for the media customers for efficient distribution of its content and monetisation of the same at various times and in various territories. The OTT platform provides high quality features as also customised services for diverse distribution needs of primary or secondary content.

    Our solutions are designed to support any kind of streaming needs, be it for any multi format (android, Windows, iOS etc.) multi device (tab or mobile or PC etc.) or single device single format.

    We offer the following live digital TV Services as a package

    • Receive live TV feed
    • Ad insertion (cue-tone required)
    • Graphic overlaying
    • Addition of special animations like countdown event timer
    • Logo insertion
    • Removal & swapping of audio tracks
    • Dolby 5.1 processing (down-mix)
    • SD / HD (up/down/cross conversion)
    • Audio levelling & video legalizing
    • Multi-format & multi-bitrate feed packaging
    • Time delay
    • Delivery to CDN
    • VoD
    • Media market place
    • Delivery and publishing of various media formats.
  • Cloud Playout

    Cloud Playout and Delivery Platform is a Cloud based Service Platform designed to help a broadcaster create multiple linear channels from their content library, and deliver these at low cost to local distribution platforms.

    Key features of the solution

    • Remote content upload
    • Transcoding support for content uniformity
    • Media Asset visibility
    • Managed Autonomy to simplify creation of multiple playlists from any remote terminal
    • Automated Multi-Channel Playout driven by multiple playlists
    • Secure cloud based delivery of transport stream to local distribution platform (point to point or point to multi-point configuration)