Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions


Data security is a vital part of running any modern business. Even a minor mistake can result in loss of data just as much as a disaster can. So it is crucial to have recovery plans to avoid any data loss and interruptions in your business. Planetcast offers Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.

Our highly reliable solutions will ensure the complete recovery of your entire business infrastructure and resume operation quickly and smoothly. Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions will help you to prevent any kind loss of data, revenue and reputation.

With the dawn of Digital Age, Disaster recovery “DR” has become an increasingly important & integral part of business planning for any broadcaster be on terrestrial or satellite networks. A temporary loss of signal can result in the audience in switching to other channels and loss in revenue. For that reason, operations must NOT be interrupted at any given point of time.

At Planetcast we have a comprehensive backup system to keep your data safe at all times. Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions are highly effective and affordable to protect your business from any kind of disaster.  

The standard approach to overcome is mainly

  • Maintaining a mirrored playout system at a remote location.
  • A parallel uplink facility in case of an emergency.

PLANETCAST’s facility is well equipped for providing any of these services.

  • Reliable & Stable mirrored play out signal.
  • High content Security
  • Availability of seamless transition to Mirrored playout.
  • Premium automation system with built-in features for providing consistency with the primary playout channel.
  • Cost-effective off-site, lower operational expense (reducing space and energy & other operational expenses).
  • Facilitates Seamless integration with most of the globally known automation system, graphics system, headed equipment eliminating the need for a separate process to bridge operations between the main site and backup.
  • A mix of main and backup channels in one site for diverse and resilient disaster recovery.
  • In house expertise, managing & monitoring mirrored playout with a low-cost solution.
  • Parallel Uplinking to various satellites from NOIDA facility.Parallel streaming using FIBER connectivity. A vital part of PLANETCAST’s solution is CUSTOMISATION as desired