Distance Education & Telemedicine Services

Distance Education and Telemedicine Services

Planetcast provides a highly advanced platform for Distance Education via satellite. In addition to this, we offer customized solutions for Distance education and telemedicine services. Our platform integrates critical aspects of verbal and visual communication- bi-directional video and audio synchronization.

In this Digital Age, there has been rapid growth in satellite-based distance education. Moreover, distance education via satellite has enabled professional education to reach poor people in different parts of the world.

Planetcast offers best in class features with rich content, discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction. The satellite system supports point-to-point as well as multipoint audio and video conferencing. Our unique platform enhances sessions and makes them highly intuitive and effective delivering engaging interactive rich content wherever you desire.


The Platform is user friendly, highly secured & encrypted using

  • IP endpoints (SIP)
  • Public Services Telephone works (PSTN)
  • Satellite-based corporate work infrastructures