Data Multicast Services


Data multicast is an IP technology which enables streams of data to be directed from one to many locations. With the help of data multicast technology, you can send a stream of data to multiple receivers. At Planetcast we provide best in class data multicast services. In addition to this, we also provide narrowcast services suitable for disaster-prone inaccessible or poorly connected remote areas.

Multicast technology is highly beneficial for content providers as well as Internet providers. Multicast is one of the best means for the transmission of multimedia which can include television broadcast, internet radio broadcast, video conferencing etc. In addition to this, Multicast is also suitable for applications like news feed, online gaming, chatrooms etc.

Multicast is an excellent way for data transfer for streaming media and bulk data sharing like in live feeds and the stock market. Planetcast’s Multicast services will help you in minimizing your computational resources and data bandwidth.