Training & Development.

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It’s hard to think about organizational development without thinking of employee-development. The importance of training employees – both new and experienced — cannot be overemphasized. The purpose of the training and development is to organize and facilitate learning and development. Effective training expedites acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective job performance. It provides employees with career growth opportunities consistent with corporate goals, objectives, and strategies.

Training helps people to improve their competencies and improve their job-performance.  Good training received also leads to better performance appraisal, which leads to employee satisfaction, and employee engagement. A well trained person feels confident in challenging and diverse situations, and derives better job satisfaction from his work. Few areas where training is being imparted includes:

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  • Technical training – Often, skills become obsolete due to the emergence of new technology. Technical training keeps the employees abreast with the recent development in the market
  • Behavioral training – involves helping employees develop an understanding of how people work, behave and interact, and how they can effectively communicate, negotiate and influence to achieve positive outcomes. This also includes leadership training, email etiquette, work ethics etc
  • Safety training – to ensure employees are protected from injuries caused by work-related accidents; safety training is imparted which includes evacuation drills, fire drill and first aid training.
  • Team-building activities – The goal of team-building activities is to develop cohesiveness among team members, allowing them to get to know each other and facilitate relationship building