Employee Engagement Activities

World Environment Day, was observed on 5th of June. The objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness among people about the importance of the green environment in our lives, and to encourage them to take responsible steps for minimizing the environmental damage.

An interactive activity was done and team members were asked to express their ideas on chart paper about saving and preserving environmental resources.

Team green was formed which included representatives/active agents, from various departments. Brainstorming session on the need for having paperless office was held. Use of paper in other industries and alarming statistics related to paper usage was shared. Participants expressed their concern about cutting of trees and negative impact on environment. Towards the end, we concluded with THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY approach : taking one small step every day to preserve our resources: planting more trees, reducing paper usage, buying recycled products, conserving electricity by turning off the lights, laptop or other electrical appliances when not in use, avoid plastic bags, walking more and driving less to conserve fuel and prevent auto-emission, avoiding littering on the roads and conserving water.

Twin day observed on July 4th, 2015 deepened the bondage among members, when people were asked to pair up with a friend /colleague and wear matching attire.

Deskercise - As we know, in the digital age, most of us are bound at our workstation and get little movement during the workday. Squeezing out time to go to the gym in between work and home life could be strenuous. However, being fit doesn’t always require a gym membership and changing into track-pants and sports-shoes. To combat adverse effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle on our back, wrists, eyes, neck, and shoulders, we initiated ‘Deskercise’: simple stretches which could be done at desk and would not take more than 10 minutes.

Handwriting competition : 1st August 2015 (Saturday)

Handwriting in Digital Age has become an obsolete skill.

However, emerging research shows that handwriting increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, and can even predict personality traits, in ways that keyboarding can't.

It was with this thought, that "HANDWRITING COMPETITION", was held with the hope of sparking a enthusiasm about its importance in the digital age.

The competition was held during work hours, wherein participants were asked to re-write a paragraph on plain sheet.

Independence Day celebrations: 14th -15th August 2015

Independence Day was celebrated with much gaiety and pomp on 14th -15th August 2015. Employees wore Tricolors (Saffron, white and green) as a gesture to salute the freedom fighters

  • The thumb impression campaignin tricolors created a lot of buzz and energy among people.
  • The electronic boarddisplayed thoughts, poems and pictures shared by various departments on ‘independence day theme’
  • Lunch hour started with ‘Decorate your area competition’.

Various teams used tri-color kite-papers, chart paper, balloons flags etc.

for decorating and used themes like - diversity, equality, justice, faith, hope, opportunities to add zest to their area.

On August 15th, 2015 Flag Hoisting was organized by Admin department which was attended by a lot of zealous PLANETCAST members,