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Job ID - [ PM0013 ]
Job Location - [ Noida ]


  1. Timely completion of export/Import transactions,including establishment- BG/LC/Remittance,Filling 15 CA &CB/ Stock statement/QI/ECB2/Export Dox &BOE.
  2. Detailed projections of renewal/fresh sanction of working capital limits with the banks,preparation of CMA.
  3. Facilitating smooth internal audit w.r.t. FEMA compliance and treasury operations.
  4. Providing support in optimal exploitation of FEMA guidelines on foreign exchange remittances.
  5. Facilitating the assignment and re-affirmation of optimal credit rating agencies release.
  6. Preparation of various MIS regarding Forex MIS,Banking MIS etc.


  1. Candidate must have 6-10 years of Experience.
  2. Candidate must have done MBA or CA.
  3. Candidate must have good communication skill.


  1. Excellent communication & presentation skills both verbal and written.
  2. Responsible for handling all Financial activities

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