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Job ID - [ PM0023 ]
Job Location - [ NOIDA ]


  1. To ensue all the litigation, arbitration and court process are timely and effectively adhered.
  2. To ensure that all notice are drafted effectively and timely distributed also property and legal documents are
  3. properly drafted and vetted and ensured that all the points are covered and timely effectively
  4. To regularly follow up and ensure good relationship with company’s legal counsel, review of pending matters, legal support to various departments.
  5. Besides the above any other responsibility that may be assigned from time to time.


  1. Candidate must have 4-6 years of Experience
  2. A highly effective person, with sharp vision
  3. Good communication skills along with command over speech (good orator)


  1. Ensuring proper proceedings of various court cases.
  2. Timely presence at various matters at court.
  3. Keeping strategic solutions to existing issues.

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