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Our Subsidiaries

Planetcast Technologies limited (PTL)

Planetcast Technologies Limited (PTL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Planetcast Media Services Limited (PMSL). PTL’s primary business activities include Project Consulting for setting up of channel, Regulatory Support services, Branding & Workflow, Recruitment and training, AMCs, procure and Integrate Technical Infrastructure and Distribution services (CAS and IRDs).

PTL provides comprehensive solutions to its customers which includes Software services and products such as –

  • Playout Automation (Media.X)
  • Media Asset Management (MAM.C)
  • News Room Computer System (News.M)
  • Channel Branding (Layers.X)
  • Cloud Based Content Collection & Distribution (Recaster)
  • Digital Clock (Clock.X)
  • Media Logger (Log.M)
  • Transcoders (Offline & Real time)
  • Hybrid Multiviewer
  • Automated File Based Quality Check & Monitoring
  • Feed Management System
  • Resource Management System
  • Subtitling (overlay & DVB)

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team at